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Skincare Botanics are an artisan company located in the U.K. Using the highest grade natural & organic raw ingredients, we create & craft natural & organic botanical skincare & aromatherapy products. These are created to work gently & effectively with the skin & the senses using pure ingredients from nature to enrich & revive, relax & restore.

We are a family run company who manufacture and sell natural and organic skincare, bath, body & home products. We believe that the best ingredients are from nature and remain unadulterated. In blending combinations of oils, clays and floral waters, highly effective skincare solutions are achieved which nourish, soothe and protect the skin and aid it's natural process. 

Our skincare products work with the skin and do not strip it of it's essential oils & natural defences.

We are specialists in pure, organic floral waters, Lavender products & Rose skincare. From us to you, we hope you enjoy looking at our site & our purely natural and organic range of skincare, gifts & treats for bath and body which soften, enrich, soothe the soul & uplift the senses.

We use pure, organic floral waters, natural oils, clays & salts in our products. They are hand made on a weekly basis to ensure freshness. All our ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and are the highest grade.  Where we use organic ingredients they are certified organic. 

We hope you enjoy our site and our products, please let us know if you require any assistance or have any suggestions or comments. 


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Skincare Botanics

27 Old Gloucester Street, bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3AF, United Kingdom