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Our Ingredients


The Beauty of Botanics

We use high concentrations of botanical extracts, floral waters & essential oils in our botanical skincare & aromatherapy products.

They are not added as an afterthought or as a small percentage, but form the main basis of the product.

Botanical extracts are the active compounds found in plants, trees & flowers, which have been used for centuries in skincare.


The benefits of botanicals is that they work with the skin, gently, naturally & effectively.

They do not strip the skin of it's essential essence, they work with the skin to balance the p.h. & sebum production, to tone, soothe, nourish & calm.

Product Focus


Witch Hazel

Looking Behind the Headline.

We look at a product in a little more detail....

As an all round product and a must have cabinet staple,it is hard to beat Witch Hazel.

This is due to it's numerous uses.

We use Witch hazel in our Aromatherapy Mists & also Skincare Products.

It has natural preservative properties.

It also tones, tightens & naturally clarifies.

This makes it excellent as an anti-ageing ingredient. In larger quantities it is extremely effective in applications for oily & combination skin.

Have baggy eyes? Simply apply Witch Hazel to damp cotton wool, place on the eyes for 5 minutes & see yourself looking more awake. The reason for this is that Witch Hazel contains an ingredient which reduces swelling. This is also why it is a very good topical application for bruises & swelling.

Other Uses for this Amazing All Rounder:

  • Insect Bites
  • Cold Sores
  • After Shaving
  • A Toner for very oily skin.
  • Spots & Blemishes
  • Piles
  • Bruises

Floral Waters


What is a Floral Water?

In it's simplest sense, a floral water is extracting the goodness, the fragrance & the the active, botanical compounds from plants, herbs & flowers. 

This process of extraction also collects the essential oils. The difference between floral waters & essential oils is that floral waters  are much gentler & less concentrated. This makes them very useful in skincare preparations where they add the goodness & benefits of the botanical, and where essential oils are too strong.

Floral waters also have many Aromatherapy benefits & can soothe, alleviate anxiety, de-stress, promote rest & relaxation & calm.

Our Beliefs & Mission Statement


The highest grade botanical ingredients with no unnecessary added water or unnecessary fillers to artificially increase the volume of product. 

Using the natural preservative properties of plants whenever possible,  & only adding emulsifiers or preservative when absolutely necessary, & never amounting to more than 2.5% of the product. 

Are guarantee the following:

Palm Oil Free

No Parabens

SLS Free

Vegan Friendly

Not tested on animals



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Our Packaging


Our Packaging.

All our packaging is fully re-cyclable

We use flint glass, pet plastic & aluminium.

We encourage the re-use of our empty jars & bottles.

No unnecessary packaging.

Fully re-cyclable & biodegradable packing materials.