100% Pure & Organic Rosewater - 250 ml.

100% Pure & Organic Rosewater 

250 ml.

Lovely in the summer months as a refreshing facial splash or as a toner after cleansing. This 250 ml. bottle can also be used as a refill for our 100 ml. Rosewater Mist

Treat your skin to all natural goodness. Suitable for all skin types.

Created from from steam distillation; the rose petals are heated in water and the drops of steam are collected over a long period of time. This means that every drop of a Rosewater contains the essence of rose.

Sourced from the 'Valley of the Roses' in Bulgaria.

Rose is said to be the queen of flowers and this pure essence has a delightfully feminine aroma. Rosewater is soothing, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, is hydrating, refreshing & naturally fragrant. Natural rosewater is a gentle cleansing & toning product which maintains the p.h. balance of the skin. It stimulates the regeneration process and has a calming effect on the skin & the senses.

An excellent daily skin tonic.

Our Rosewater contains no alcohol or added ingredients.


Ingredients: 100% pure & organic Rose Hydrosol (Rosa Damascena).



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100% Pure & Organic Rosewater - 250 ml.

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